Namibian football’s first and second divisions potentially faced the biggest challenges this season, but clubs still roared to success towards the end of the season. Financial vows, refereeing decisions, and an alleged lack of proper organisation played a role as some clubs could not reign supreme.

The three first-division streams did have ups and downs but came alive at the end of the season. The challenges of funding left many teams struggling, but that did not deter the clubs from soldiering on till the last game.
However, the first division leagues did not fail to deliver surprising results, as some of the teams people never expected to gain promotion made it to the summit.

The season reached its climax at the beginning of June and saw teams that have never competed in the premier league before gaining promotion. The spicy taste of the season was delivered by two football clubs that hail from small towns and remote places.

The promotion of Okakarara Young Warriors (Northwest Stream) and Chula Chula FC (Northeast Stream) was somewhat the icing on the cake of a hard season filled with twists and turns. These teams battled clubs that have been in the premier league before, getting relegated and overpowering them to book themselves a spot in the country’s top-flight football. Interestingly, the two teams from the northern streams that qualified have no real quality football pitches but still delivered in the most difficult circumstances.
The Ohangwena-based football club, Chula Chula, defied the odds by beating the famous Tsumeb outfit Chief Santos 4-1, as well as a 2-1 win against Rangers FC on the final weekend.

The Khomas Nampol FC team (Southern Stream) had to battle out another uniform rival, Namibia Correctional Service FC, to book their ticket to the league. Nampol FC’s promotion may have not come as a surprise given that they are based in the capital and had a strong squad.

They, however, also had to negotiate their past with the likes of Blue Boys, Ramblers, DTS FC, and many other bogey teams during the season. Khomas Nampol FC player Eric Tsam, who scored 14 goals this season, is said to have been one of the key players of the campaign. Okakarara Young Warriors defied the challenges of some of the teams that have competed in the maize triangle league before.

Touch & Go FC and Golden Bees FC led for most of the season but fell short towards the end, as the team from the Otjozondjupa Region pipped them at the post. The promotion of these two teams from remote areas means that clubs in the premier league will have to travel long distances to battle these sides.

It is poised to be a delectable season which will see top football teams coming up against the new premier league football clubs on some of the most difficult fields. The three promoted clubs have already claimed to have a great following and are optimistic that fans who were following the other big clubs will now return home to where they belong.