Morgan Kashihakumwa is my name and I’m 32 years of age. I’ve faced rejection for 9 years. After falling pregnant with my first child, staying with friends trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents, I committed to making a better life for my child and my newborn. In 2016 I met Sunny Boy, and with my love for entertainment, I become his music promoter!

This is my brave story.

When the music and event promoter opportunity came, I thought, this is my chance, I will not let it go. I committed myself to making the best of it and the business took off.

I am fortunate to have met and worked with big Namibian artists like Tequila, Tate Buti, and Mushe to mention a few. We toured every corner of the Land of the Brave. It was not easy to work, sometimes shows got cancelled at the last minute, sometimes we would have to use the travel money to make ends meet. These were the early days, sometimes my artists would even perform without being paid and being the promoter, I was the one who had to sort out everything from my own pocket.

In 2018 I started the “Order with Me” business. The business started off well and I got a lot of clients. One day I had a huge order from a customer worth N$23000, when I transferred the money to my supplier, (not knowing he was a scammer since I was new in the business and needed more experience) he blocked me.

I could not believe it, I tried everything I could to get a hold of him, but nothing, I had to regroup and pick myself up again and work hard to refund my customers. Reputation is important. Although it was shaken, it wasn’t broken.

Come 2019, COVID-19 affected everything I had going on. It affected the music industry and the Order With Me business.

My brave moment came when I had a hard look at myself because I still had to feed my young child and ensure we were sorted with all the comforts we had come to enjoy. I then tapped into the chef in me, that’s when the idea for Morgan-Dial-a-Meal came up. Cooking traditional food from home and delivering around Windhoek.

I kept at it, refining it, and managed to open a kitchen in town until the Safety Department closed it down. I then pivoted to use my home kitchen and continued running my food business from home. The naysayers and even some relatives who previously thought I wouldn’t make it started congratulating me and wishing my business well.

In 2022, The Namibian interviewed me and shared my story in the newspaper. It has been the topic of the day in my family since then. The image of someone that never had a future is now in the newspaper being celebrated for her business. It goes to show you what happens when you believe in yourself.

As expected, the phone calls from relatives started coming, and more than that, more than anything, it was a sign that I have made a difference.

My motto is and has always been ‘work harder so you no longer have to introduce yourself’. I wake up every single day amazed at how far I have come, and how much I had to overcome. Never focus on what people say. Always focus on making sure you are always the best version of yourself.

I am proud to say, this year I have opened a new branch in Oshikango, a kitchen and a butchery. Morgan’s Kitchen and Butchery Oshikango!! That’s my brave story.